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Facial Treatments

Unveil the highly-guarded secrets of beauty only shared exclusively amongst the royals of the ancient empires of China and Japan. With the application of results-oriented products from exclusive brands DECLÉOR and Clé de Peau, each facial treatment in Jakarta at Keraton Spa features a concentrate of targeted active ingredients with renowned substances that will fulfil even the most demanding skin. Precision amplified by the specific application technique of our aromatherapy experts, offers a subtle mixture of power and gentleness.


The Secret of Peony

White Bright Extreme | 90 minutes - IDR 800.000++

Peony is named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. This queen of flowers in Imperial China, has been recognized for its medicinal usage for thousands of years. This facial utilizes a unique blend of extracts of Peony, the little white-snow-flower Saxifrage and the salt-tree Tamarix to protect the elastic fibres of the skin, brighten the complexion, combat the harmful effects of the sun and act against free radicals.


The Secret of Magnolia

Anti-Aging Excellence | 90 minutes - IDR 800.000++

Magnolia, the symbol of feminine beauty in ancient China, is often associated with longevity and eternity as it can grow as high as 25 m and live for over 200 years. This facial applies a combination of melt-away pebbles, plant extracts and essential oils of Immortelle, Magnolia and Frankincense to preserve youthfulness of the skin. Its stimulating effect will bring smoothness, density and helps to regenerate the skin.

The Secret of Cloves

Intense Energy Face (Men Facial) | 75 minutes - IDR 550.000++

The inhabitants of the Malaka Islands had a custom of planting a clove tree to celebrate the birth of a child. If the tree flourished, the child would wear a clove necklace to repel evil spells and diseases. Cloves are used as a powerful medical antiseptic. Shaving and climatic conditions often damage the skin. Specifically designed for men, this ritual applies oak bark extract and active essential oils of cloves to purify and clean weakened skin in an effort to restore balance to a distressed complexion.


Total Eye Care

90 minutes - IDR 750.000++

This facial is effective in minimizing wrinkles and dark circles of the eye zone. What better treatment to freshen and uplift the beauty of your eyes. This delicate and thorough treatment delivers radiance in three ways: unprecedented texture, tone and dimension. 


Regal Anti-aging Facial

60 minutes - IDR 600.000++

A highly functional lifting treatment that works on each skin layer to boost firmness and expose a taut, fresh and healthy look, this is a perfect way to rejuvenate your skin. The muscle tissue that lies deeper than the collagen and elastin is revitalized, helping to lift the skin from its base and prevent the loss of suppleness and firmness. For those concerned about sagging, this treatment provides firmness to areas where sagging tends to form. Beauty essences firm the skin and minimize wrinkles.  The skin will be left firmer and more resilient.


Magnificent Brightening Facial

60 minutes - IDR 500.000++

This treatment is effective in eliminating dullness and repairs the uneven skin tone and skin texture caused by UV damage. It helps in dramatically achieving luminous and translucent skin that appears to glow from within.  A combination of skin lightening and brightening beauty essence provides intensive care to areas where dark spots tend to form and helps to control melanin levels and improve blood circulation. The skin will be left renewed, brighter and radiant.