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Taste Authentic Local Food in Jakarta

Savory, sweet, sour and spicy are just some of the flavors you will encounter with the local food in Jakarta. Taste the above flavors and more of the world-renowned Indonesian cuisine at the cornucopia of restaurants, street vendors, and traditional cafés Jakarta has to offer. 

Namaaz Dining

The first of its kind in Indonesia, Namaaz is a molecular gastronomy restaurant specializing in Indonesian cuisine. Molecular gastronomy in itself is highly intriguing, but when coupled with the tantalizing flavors of Indonesian food, creates a truly unforgettable experience for you and your palate.

Seribu Rasa

From its contemporary yet traditional settings to its delectable local dishes, Seribu Rasa (One Thousand Flavors) is the embodiment of Southeast Asian and Indonesian flavors. Indulge in its satiating range of satays accompanied by luscious peanut sauce. The elegant and warm ambiance of the restaurant makes it a perfect venue for a meeting or special occasions.

Lara Djonggrang

Another haven for Indonesian food lovers, Lara Djonggrang is fantastically decorated with Indonesian art, antiques, and water features that bring about an authentic local feel to the place. Their extensive menu ensures there is something for everyone to indulge in a true local dining experience.

Café Batavia

Located in a 200-year-old building at Fatahillah Square, Café Batavia is a unique landmark in the city’s historic center that shows you a glimpse of the 19th century Jakarta. Sample the cuisine and enjoy the atmosphere that draws in both local and international visitors to the unique and enchanting experience. 

Street Indulgences

While Jakarta is a heavily developed and metropolitan city, it is still home to the stalls and wagons that line the streets, creating a food culture like no other. Despite their façade, these stalls and wagons are highly renowned for the most authentic and delicious local foods in Jakarta. Taste the real nasi goreng, satay, and martabak, all of which can be easily accessed from Keraton at The Plaza, Jakarta. 

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